Submission Guidelines

Competition for awards is open to members and non-members alike. There is no limit on the number of entries that may be submitted of one’s own work or of the work of others for any one or more of the awards.

For the Hanford (book), Samuel, and Shawcross Awards:

Books and book collections will be considered when nominated or self-nominated (self-nominations are encouraged!) and must bear an imprint of the relevant calendar year.

If you are able to provide three physical books (publishers are sometimes willing to supply review copies), please email MSA secretary, Eric Song at to coordinate delivery to the awards committee.

If you are providing a pdf copy, please also email Eric Song at

For Hanford (article) and Labriola Awards:

The awards committee will automatically consider articles about Milton that appear in the following journals: ELH, ELR, Milton Quarterly, Milton Studies, Modern Philology, Renaissance Quarterly, Renaissance Studies, SEL, Studies in Philology, PMLA. Members are welcome also to nominate (or self-nominate) articles in these journals.

Articles appearing elsewhere, including in book collections, must be nominated or self-nominated. To do so, please send an email to Eric Song at In the case of chapters in book collections, please include a pdf.

The Labriola award is for currently enrolled graduate students, but academic standing is often not evident from an authorship attribution. If you are nominating or self-nominating for the Labriola award, please note graduate standing via an email to

Except for articles appearing in the journals listed above, the Awards Committee takes no responsibility for failing to identify, locate, or consider articles on Milton that were not nominated or self-nominated.