John T. Shawcross Award Recipients

This award recognizes a distinguished edition of Milton’s works, a distinguished bibliography (of his works or of studies of his life and works), a distinguished reference work, or a distinguished chapter on Milton in a monograph that covers other authors or engages topics that bear on seventeenth-century England.

Current Recipient

Jason Rosenblatt, chapter in John Selden: Scholar, Statesman, Advocate for Milton’s Muse (Oxford UP, 2021)

Past Recipients
(Arrangement is alphabetical by editor)

Dobranski, Stephen ed. and Archie Burnett, Introduction, A Variorum Commentary on the Poems of John Milton: “Samson Agonistes” (Pittsburgh: Duquesne UP, 2009).

Fresch, Cheryl H., ed. A Variorum Commentary on the Poems of John Milton: Volume 5, Part 4 [Paradise Lost, Book 4]. General Editor Paul Klemp (Pittsburgh: Duquesne UP, 2011).

Guibbory, Achsah. Christian Identity: Jews and Israel in Seventeenth-Century England (Oxford UP, 2010).

Haan, Estelle, ed. John Milton: Epistolarum Familiarium Liber Unus and Uncollected Letters (Leuven UP, 2019).

Halpern, Richard. “The Same Old Grind: Milton’s Samson as Subtragic Hero.” In Eclipse of Action: Tragedy and Political Economy (U of Chicago P, 2017)

The Complete Works of John Milton, Volume II: The 1671 Poems: Paradise Regain’d and Samson Agonistes. Ed. Laura Lunger Knoppers (Oxford: Oxford UP, 2008).

The Complete Works of John Milton, Volume VI: Vernacular Regicide and Republican Writings. Ed. N. H. Keeble and Nicholas McDowell. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012).

The Complete Works of John Milton, Volume VIII: De Doctrina Christiana, transcribed, translated and edited, with introduction, notes, and commentary by John K. Hale and J. Donald Cullington. (Oxford University Press, 2012).

The Complete Works of John Milton, Volume XI: Manuscript Writings. Ed. William Poole (Oxford UP, 2019).

Ramachandran, Ayesha. “‘This Pendant World’: Creating Miltonic Modernity.” In Worldmakers: Global Imagining in Early Modern Europe (U of Chicago P, 2015).

Rosenblatt, Jason P. “Selden and Milton on Gods and Angels.” In Renaissance England’s Chief Rabbi: John Selden (Oxford UP, 2006).

Shawcross, John T. and Michael Lieb, eds. “Paradise Lost: A Poem Written in Ten Books”: An Authoritative Text of the 1667 First Edition (Pittsburgh: Duquesne UP, 2007).

Andrea Walkden. “A Year in the Life: Milton and the King’s Book” in Private Lives Made Public: The Invention of Biography in Early Modern England (Pittsburgh: Duquesne UP, 2016).

Wilburn, Reginald A. ““Of Might and Men: Milton, Frederick Douglass, and Resistant Masculinity as Existential Geography” in Preaching the Gospel of Black Revolt: Appropriating Milton in Early African American Literature (Pittsburgh: Duquesne UP, 2014).