Albert C. Labriola Award Recipients

This award recognizes a distinguished article on Milton by a graduate student published or forthcoming in a journal or in a multiauthor collection of essays.

Current Recipient

[vacant for publication year 2021]

Past Recipients
(Arrangement is alphabetical by author)

Brown, Andrew S. “‘The Minstrelsy of Heaven’: Representation, Authority and the Politics of Lyric in Paradise Lost,” forthcoming in Milton Studies.

Hackenbracht, Ryan J. “The Plague of 1625–26, Apocalyptic Anticipation, and Milton’s Elegy III,” Studies in Philology, Volume 108, Number 3, Summer 2011.

Harrison, Tim. “Adamic Awakening and the Feeling of Being Alive in Paradise Lost,” Milton Studies 54, (forthcoming in 2012, published in 2013).

Im, Seo Hee “Between Habbakuk and Locke: Pain, Debt, and Economic Subjectivation in Paradise Lost.” Modern Language Quarterly 78.1 (2017).

McRae, Calista. “Direct Address in Paradise Lost.” Milton Studies 56 (2015)

Caryn O’Connell. “Milton’s Earthbound Bodies: Genesis, Physics, Aesthetics.” Milton Studies 59 (2017).