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The 2021 Annual Booklet

2021 Awards

Honored Scholar
John K. Hale (University of Otago)

James Holly Hanford Award for distinguished essay
John Rogers, “Newton’s Arian Epistemology and the Cosmogony of Paradise Lost,”
ELH 86.1

Honorable mentions:
Pavneet Aulakh, “Small Things Discover Great”: “Lower Wisdom” in Paradise Lost,
in Milton and the New Scientific Age: Poetry, Science, Fiction (Routledge)
David A. Harper, “The First Annotator of Paradise Lost and the Makings of English
Literary Criticism,” SEL 59.3

Irene Samuel Memorial Award for a distinguished multiauthor collection
Milton and the New Scientific Age: Poetry, Science, Fiction, edited by Catherine
Gimelli Martin (Routledge)

Albert C. Labriola Award for a distinguished article by a graduate student
Curry Kennedy, “Milton’s Ethos, English Nationhood, and the Fast-Day Tradition in
Areopagitica,” Studies in Philology 116.2

John T. Shawcross Award for a distinguished edition
(Co-winner) John Milton: Epistolarum Familiarium Liber Unus and Uncollected
Letters, edited by Estelle Haan (Leuven)
(Co-winner) The Complete Works of John Milton, Volume XI: Manuscript Writings,
edited by William Poole (Oxford)

About the MSA

The Society aims to further Milton scholarship, not only in the U.S. but internationally, by bringing Milton scholars together at an annual dinner, by selecting outstanding scholars for honor, by publishing an annual booklet (and maintaining a website) honoring these scholars and summarizing the work of the Society, by gathering books, articles and other materials pertaining to Milton, by encouraging research in progress, and by promoting exchange of ideas in the field of Milton study (adapted from the Society’s Constitution).

If you have Milton-related publications, conferences, news, or updates, please submit them here: https://goo.gl/forms/8QebShDJGI6TCFxm1

If you’d like to contact us, follow us on Twitter @MiltonSociety or email us at miltonsocietyamerica@gmail.com

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